Gratitude (Nov. 8 – 14)

  1. Major cleaning and organization of our home office
  2. A student helping me fix an error with our Entertainment PC
  3. Learning how to transfer VHS tapes to digital format using our Entertainment PC
  4. Good food and conversation at our church’s weekly pot luck
  5. Transferring the first tapes to digital format
  6. Attending a lefse making demonstration and rolling out my first lefse there
  7. Buying lefse making tools
  8. Phone call with my sister
  9. Phone call with my parents
  10. Warm enough weather to enjoy the sun outside
  11. Testing the new TV antenna
  12. Fixing water drainage issues in my lab
  13. Interesting physics colloquium from one of our grad students
  14. Getting some dishes washed
  15. Finding a workaround for another problem with the Entertainment PC
  16. Having more material prepared for class than I needed (Nov. 15)
  17. Starting to clean a rust stain off of our basement wall
  18. Starting to work on syllabus and textbook selection for my class next semester
  19. Making multiple donations and other errands on Nov. 10
  20. A day off on Nov. 10
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Gratitude (Nov. 1 – 7)

  1. Attending 3 of the faculty forums for SDSM&T Presidential candidates
  2. Good and short meeting about our department website
  3. Dinner with my wife before band rehearsal
  4. My wife auditioned for a solo in our upcoming concert
  5. My student returned safely from Fermilab
  6. Successfully accessing my grant account information on our school’s system
  7. Lunch conversation with colleagues about the candidates
  8. Good conversation about the “Spirit of Christmas” at The Well
  9. Emptied, cleaned, and stored our rain barrels for the winter
  10. Trimmed my beard
  11. Helped my wife with laundry
  12. Buying an outdoor antenna
  13. Buying some small needed tools for my lab
  14. Removed air conditioner from our bedroom window and stored it for the winter
  15. Interesting (and disturbing) seminar on abandoned uranium mines near Native American communities
  16. Finding a replacement while our department secretary is temporarily out
  17. Skype conversation with a good friend
  18. Getting fresh deionized water for our lab
  19. Harvesting potatoes from our garden!
  20. A friend and former roommate of mine, who is now a physics professor, received a grant for his “effort to develop coding tutorial videos aimed at the high school level, and free training sessions for high school physics teachers to learn to code.”
  21. My wife made delicious soup for our community meal
  22. Catching up with friends at the meal
  23. Indian taco sale
  24. Good meeting with student (Nov. 7)
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Gratitude (Oct. 25 – 31)

  1. Catching up with friends and their little boy
  2. Productive Institutional Board meeting
  3. Connecting my graduate student with other members of the collaboration
  4. Chicago style pizza with two graduate students
  5. Tasty appetizers before the pizza
  6. Catching up with other friends while one of them was rebuilding a car
  7. Meeting new collaborators
  8. Ride to O’Hare
  9. Safe and punctual flight back to Rapid City
  10. A non-stop flight to Rapid City
  11. Helping my wife with her work
  12. Starting to prepare class for this week
  13. A fun and excellent Halloween-themed concert from the music program at Mines
  14. Takeout from Kathmandu
  15. 45 trick-or-treaters came to our door
  16. I think my first class after returning from my trip went well
  17. Started preparing our rain barrels for the winter
  18. Arrived back in time for a colleague’s colloquium
  19. Good meet with a friend
  20. Finding the solutions manual for the textbook for my class
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Gratitude (Oct. 18-24)

  1. Making apple crisp with my wife for friends
  2. Good conversation and catching up with friends over dinner
  3. Good meeting with student
  4. Meeting a member of the band I had not met before
  5. Borrowing a piece of equipment from a colleague
  6. Getting a key to a room I will need in the future
  7. Harvesting carrots from our garden for my lunch
  8. Making bison curry with my wife
  9. Learning more about my family history
  10. Difficult but important conversation with a friend
  11. Helping a student improve her talk
  12. Helping a student who randomly wandered into my office with his homework
  13. Biking a part of the Rapid City bike trail I had not before
  14. Learning about Lakota culture at the latest Rapid City Community Conversation
  15. A staff member who taught me the beginning of how to use the school’s financial monitoring software for my grant
  16. Time to rest and recover while I was sick
  17. Complements on my teaching from one of my students
  18. Getting everything packed for my trip
  19. My wife coming to my rescue after I locked my key in the van
  20. A good discussion of stories and facts at The Well
  21. Cute rabbit outside the Physics building
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Gratitude (Oct. 11 – 17)

  1. Donating blood on campus
  2. Important information at the departmental staff meeting
  3. Physics Lunch Club at Sumo
  4. Ordering for my wife because her previous meeting was running late
  5. Learning about the Society for Creative Anachronism in Rapid City
  6. Green Dot training
  7. Presenting an idea form the Faculty Development Committee to the Faculty Senate
  8. Being vaccinated for influenza (I got my flu shot)
  9. Indian taco sale at SD Mines (Oct. 12)
  10. Good discussion with good friends at the Wobbly Table
  11. Finding a temporary location for my lab during renovations next summer
  12. The first SD Mines student Improv show was hilarious! I haven’t laughed that much in one sitting in months.
  13. Watching the SD Mines football team with a friend.
  14. SD Mines pep band at the game
  15. Introducing our friend to one of our favorite restaurants
  16. Getting lots of de-cluttering done around the house
  17. Preparing for my next class
  18. Practicing the tuba
  19. Interesting colloquium
  20. Music program photograph (I will post when it is available)
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Gratitude (Oct. 4 – 10)

  1. Watching Star Trek: Discovery with friends
  2. Wobbly Table meeting (around a non-wobbly table) at the new Dunn Bros. location
  3. Starting latest batch of sauerkraut
  4. Helping my wife cook a delicious batch of tortellini soup
  5. Carrots and kale from our garden for the soup
  6. Growing carrots successfully for the first time
  7. A trip to Crazy Horse Memorial for Native Americans Day
  8. Leaning more about my colleagues during the ride to and from Crazy Horse
  9. The ceremony at Crazy Horse, which included the Lakota National Anthem, Lakota
  10. Veterans song, and the Star Spangled Banner sung in Lakota.
  11. Vaughn Vargas named Educator of the Year
  12. A free buffalo stew lunch at Crazy Horse
  13. Learning about the memorial and its sculptor at the museum attached to Crazy Horse
  14. Testing different locations for our TV antenna
  15. Giving a presentation as part of the Black Hills Astronomical Society class “Astronomy 101”
  16. Cooking chicken in a pot for dinner with garden carrots
  17. Good food and catching up with friends at The Well potluck
  18. Skype conversation with a good friend (Oct. 6)
  19. Re-using coaxial cable that was already in our house
  20. Observing a class that I will be teaching later in the semester.
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Gratitude (Sep. 27 – Oct. 3)

  1. Successfully performing surgery on a cassette to splice broken tape and recover most of the contentEffectiveness and simplicity of noise reduction in Audacity
  2. Making important decisions about the Physics curriculum in the future
  3. Important discussion about the history of “The Star Spangled Banner” and recent controversies about it during our band rehearsal
  4. Disconnecting rain barrels for the winter
  5. Buying a new rain coat, which is working well so far
  6. Buying supplies for testing different TV antenna locations
  7. Getting chores done around the house
  8. Practicing my tuba between rehearsals (Oct. 2)
  9. Reserving a rental car for my upcoming trip
  10. My student arrived safely at Fermilab
  11. Trying a new restaurant (Inferno) with Physics Lunch Club (Sep. 27)
  12. Seeing a colleagues new house
  13. Starting to think that I am making a significant contribution to the Inclusion Committee
  14. Getting my bike tuned up and repaired
  15. Selecting a new book for the Wobbly Table (The Gospel of the Kingdom)
  16. Meeting at a different coffee shop while our usual one is changing locations
  17. Hiring someone to seal our front deck
  18. Plumbing repairs in our basement bathroom
  19. My wife buying chocolate for me.
  20. Watching the Pumpkin’ Chunkin’ competition downtown, including the SPS team
  21. Finding this stenciled on the sidewalk downtown
  22. The painted lady butterfly migration
  23. Transferring cassette tapes to digital formate using a borrowed tape player and open source software.
  24. The new student in my lab successfully analyzed our latest data
  25. Riding my bike with a cargo of dishes, fire-starting supplies, and s’more supplies, to community meal
  26. Staring and tending a fire at the meal
  27. Wonderful food (vegetable curry) at the meal
  28. Roasting marshmallows
  29. A lovely concert after community meal.
  30. Help cleaning up my supplies
  31. A friend willing to lend me gloves after I had lost one of mine
  32. Finding my lost glove!
  33. A friend’s son’s help with getting the fire going using dryer lint.
  34. Catching up with a good friend at the meal.
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UK commits $88 million to LBNF/DUNE in first-ever umbrella science agreement with U.S.

This is excellent news for our upcoming experiment in Lead, SD and a demonstration of how particle physics can foster international cooperation.

The United Kingdom and the United States have signed the first ever umbrella science and technology agreement between the two nations, and the UK has committed $88 million to the LBNF/DUNE project.

Source: UK commits $88 million to LBNF/DUNE in first-ever umbrella science agreement with U.S.

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Campus Community Fireball Run on campus tomorrow

Good Morning,

Tomorrow, the Fireball Run is coming to Rapid City. If you haven’t heard of the Fireball Run, it is factual series that follows the story of 40 road warrior teams challenged with locating some of the most interesting, unique, and often under-discovered places in America. This is the story of towns as revealed through the true experiences of real people.

Three of the competitive events contestants are participating in will occur on the Mines campus between noon-1:00 p.m.. Contestants will be finding their way to campus and will be parking in the facilities parking lot. A film crew will be following these teams around the three campus event locations which are currently not being disclosed publicly in order to prevent contestants from gaining an advantage.

Contestants will be crossing the finish line downtown in the Main Street Square area. Mines students have a booth in that area from 2:00-6:00 to share information about the university with contestants and the public. A parade (including Mines cheerleaders, dance team, and Society of Physics Students) will be held downtown from 4:00-5:00 p.m..

Hope to see you there!

Ann Brentlinger

Director of Marketing & Communications

University Relations

at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

501 E St. Joseph St

Rapid City, SD 57701


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Gratitude (Sep. 20 – 26)

  1. Physics lunch club at Kathmandu
  2. My wife’s flights back from Orlando were safe and punctual
  3. She received a ride home from a colleague
  4. Interesting discussion of one of the pieces in band rehearsal
  5. My flight to Minneapolis was safe and punctual
  6. I was able to take public transit to my lodging
  7. My AirBnB hosts (including the dog) have been friendly and welcoming so far
  8. Keeping in touch with my wife while traveling
  9. Excellent food and catching up with friends at Annie’s
  10. An AirBnB room within walking distance of the U of MN Physics building, where I am taking NOvA shifts
  11. My first day on shift went well
  12. My presentation and discussion at Anselm House went extremely well, and I received many compliments and thanks afterward.
  13. The bus from my shift to the presentation was free
  14. Catching up with friends over dinner after the presentation
  15. A ride back to my room from my friends
  16. Another good day on shift (Sep. 23)
  17. Interacting via video with some visitors to Fermilab’s Open House
  18. Finding good food for dinner
  19. Meeting both of my Air BnB hosts
  20. Taking trains back to the airport
  21. Safe and punctual flight back to Rapid City
  22. Ride home from my wife
  23. When a problem occurred during my shift, I was able to contact the appropriate experts, who resolved the issue.
  24. Good food for dinner at the airport.
  25. Time to relax at the airport before my flight
  26. A new student has officially joined my research group.
  27. Finished unpacking from my trip and put my suitcase away
  28. Borrowing a cassette tape player from a friend
  29. Successfully recording from tapes to digital format
  30. Good conversation, food, and cats at community meal
  31. My wife made good and colorful (purple) mashed potatoes for the meal
  32. She also helped me deal with a burn I accidentally gave myself while helping with the potatoes
  33. Interesting All Faculty meeting
  34. Reading and talking with my wife before going to bed
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