Why a blog?

As most of you probably know, I have kept my friends and family up to date on my life using my Ohio State homepage since I moved to California in August of 2005. Why am I shifting form this well designed (I hope) page to this blog? I have three primary reasons

  1. Space: Ohio State Physics only allots 15MB of web space to its graduate students. Given the number of photos I wish to post from my trip to Italy, I realized I would soon run out of space. Blogger allows at least 300MB for photographs. I may open an account on one of the many online photo sharing sites if that is not enough.
  2. Permanence: I plan to graduate from Ohio State by the end of 2007, at which point my homepage would have to move with me. With this blog, I hope to establish a web presence at a more permanent URL.
  3. Resources: Blogger allows me to change the theme, colors, fonts, etc. of my entire blog easily. With my Ohio State site, I would have to change everything manually. Also, Blogger provides templates and some graphics in an accessible format. I am trading away some flexibility and control for these resources, and time will tell if the trade-off is worthwhile.

I hope you enjoy it.

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