Moving from California To Ohio

Part 2: Birthday in Minnesota

This entry is a elaboration of the second point in my Winter/Christmas Travel Plans (“Dec. 20-23”). Katie was my host for my stay in Minnesota. She also baked me a birthday cake. Here, she is swing a quilt that was a Christmas present to her sister.

Joel and Ruth helped me eat the cake, as did my friend Josh, who is not photographed. Since arranging everyone’s schedules took longer than I expected, we did not eat the cake until a few days after my birthday. Joel is scared and Ruth has her mouth covered because she was sick. Joel, Josh, and I went out for dinner and back to Josh’s house. While at the house, we had a long and deep conversation about the validity of Christian belief, especially about the severity of sin and mercy of God.

Ruth took her mask off long enough for us to take this photograph. I did not catch her illness.

Whenever I move to a new location, as I have done several times since high school, the people I leave behind are always what I miss most.

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