Moving from California to Ohio

Part 4: New Year’s Eve in Saint Louis

I spent New Year’ s Eve of 2006 in St. Louis, MO. I have already described my experience there in another entry. The New Year’s Eve session ended the convention. We had communion that evening, which is quite a logistical achievement for 22,000 people from many denominations. The photograph at left gives you some idea of the size of the crowd involved.

Following communion, we worshipped in song in various languages. One particularly appropriate song was “Blessed” by Fred Hammond, which includes the line “Late in the Midnight Hour/ God’s gonna turn it around” We cheered in 2007 before boarding buses back to our hotels.

Incidentally, I must compliment the organizers of the convention for excellence in transportation. They must have commandeered every yellow school bus in the city, but we arrived on time for all of the sessions and were moved with impressive efficiency to and from our hotels.

The convention left little time for sightseeing, but I did manage to take this photograph of the famous Gateway Arch.

To answer any wisecracks, I know I am posting this part out of order. I have my reasons; besides, I reserve the right to post things out of order on my own blog.

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