Wet Dog On the Loose!

I have not lived with a dog since I was a small child, and I had been used to living with cats until I moved in with Chris and Chris’ Dalmatian Jenny at the beginning of this year. One of the many differences I have noticed between cats and dogs is that cats usually clean themselves well, but dogs often have to be bathed.
Jenny doesn’t like baths, as you can probably guess from this photograph. You can probably imagine what Chris looked like after this!

After she was finished displaying her anger, she appeared to use the carpet in our living room as a towel. I am not sure if she was trying to dry herself or to wipe away the scent of her shampoo, which I thought was very nice.

After the rolling, she apparently decided to just sulk. I am not sure why she was so unhappy, her fur did look much better and brighter after it dried.

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