Halloween 2006 at Stanford

These were our hosts, the recently married Todd and Alissa. Despite their costumes, neither melted in my hand during the party.

Next, we have a set of four guests in distinctive costumes. On the left we have Canadian princess Amy; notice the hockey stick scepter and maple leaf crown. Next is Jonathan in his scuba gear. Next is Kevin; according to him, his costume was intended to be “garbage,” but many at the party thought “white trash” was a more appropriate (and funnier) name. Finally, at left we have Sandy with a feather in her hair. She is from Texas but of Indian descent but not the Native American/First Nations kind of Indian, which makes the feather more confusing. To the right of Sandy, you can see a cross that Todd and Alyssa have placed on their wall.

No, Kevin is not eating anything attached to his costume!

When Jonathan arrived, we all wondered how he had walked up the stairs while wearing those flippers. He said that he had to walk backwards.

Ladies and gentlemen, Nate as The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I was in California for Governor Schwarzenegger’s re-election. I seem to be at the beginning of a trend of moving to states with unusual governors. I attended the University of Minnesota during the majority of Jesse Ventura’s term. If this trend is to continue, someone like Jerry Springer would have to become governor of Ohio! Since I plan to graduate before the next gubernatorial election, I think the trend will end here.

“There’s no place like home!” Nola is looking very cute, though uncharacteristically annoyed, as Dorothy.

The couple in tin foil are another pair of newlyweds, Pete and Charissa. They were apparently dressed as “Party in a Can.”
No one was sure how to react to this costume. It seemed like a hybrid between a fairy and Bigfoot. Behind her, you can see the chocolate fountain that Todd and Alyssa received as a wedding present. You can also see the right alien eye of one of their jack-o-lanterns.

At the end of the party, we all settled down to watch an episode of Pinky and the Brain.

You are probably wondering what my costume was. Unfortunately, neither I nor the other party guests have any photographs of me in my costume. Let me explain that most of the people at the party were Stanford students, and I had often been mistaken for a Stanford student. Therefore, I decided to borrow a Stanford sweater from one of my friends and wear it to the party as my costume; in other words, I went to the party as a Stanford student!

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