Breakfast for Dinner!

A few days before I departed from California, a friend of mine (Sandy) hosted a Christmas party. The theme was “Breakfast for Dinner.” We ate breakfast food in the evening; it was an unusual and delicious idea.

Here, Ivan and Kyle are frying sausages and eggs.

We also made cookie-cutter pancakes and fruit toppings. Sandy had some dishes ready to cook, and most of the guests brought something of their own. As I recall, I brought Pop-Tarts.

What is a Christmas party without a little electrical engineering? One of Sandy’s friends had come with a soldering iron so that he could fix the malfunctioning model train, below. A wire was loose and only intermittently made a connection to drive the train’s wheels. I lent some assistance as he repaired the wire and sent the train back on its rounds about the base of her Christmas tree.

Of course, the most important part of any party is the people there. Below, you can see a sample of the attendees, some of whom I had not met before this party. The man in the Google shirt (Clint) actually did work for Google.
On the right side of the couch is Todd, and Kevin is sitting on the floor in the photograph below. These were two of my best friends in California.

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