On May 26, 2007, I was privileged to be a witness of a rare and disturbing apparition of the supernatural known as a Zombie Walk.

Above, we see the hoard of zombies gathering, although at this stage, the few zombies had arrived compared with the number of spectators who had already gathered.

This is the leader of the hoard. I apologize for some of these photographs being blurry our out of focus. Photographic perfection is rather difficult to achieve when one is trying to protect one’s brain from a pack of hungry undead zombies!

This is, without doubt, the strangest context in which I have seen Romans 6:23.

Below, we see the hoard marching out of Franklin Park to terrorize the city of Columbus.

More photographs from their rampage can be found here, including a confrontation with two Imperial Storm Troopers. Note, I take no responsibility for the content of sites beyond my blog; they may contain offensive or inappropriate material in addition to picture of zombies.

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