My New Closet and VCR

As you may recall, when I moved into my apartment in Columbus, one of the walls of my bedroom had a portal that was open to the next room. Since the house is part of our landlord’s efforts to improve the Weinland Park neighborhood, building a closet to fill the portal qualified as a community service project for a boy scout working towards Eagle Scout status.

We had to wait several months for the closet to be built because of the bureaucracy of the Boy Scouts. We joked that the scout in question had earned his Red Tape Merit Badge while getting the project approved.

After it was approved the scout and several others built the closet over the course of a few days. As you can see, it is quite an improvement in storage space and privacy over the previous situation.

Shortly after I arrived in Columbus, I bought a VCR to play my VHS tapes. Yes, I still have some. A friend suggested that I check for cheap VCRs at Goodwill; I took his suggestion and found this one. Click on the picture to read the price tag. The only caveat is that it did not come with a remote.

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