“…more than abortion and homosexuality…”

What would Jesus really do?” by Roland Martin, CNN Contributor

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  1. “I’m looking for the day when Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Joyce Meyer, James Dobson, Tony Perkins, James Kennedy, … and Rick Warren will sit at the same table as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton…”

    In that one sentence, he gives himself away. No Christian leader (black or white) should work alongside the likes of Jackson and Sharpton. They are race-baiting frauds and hypocrites, pure and simple.

    “…establish a call to arms on racism, AIDS, police brutality, a national health care policy, our sorry education system.”

    This man is a racist, phrasing everything in his myopic Blacks vs. Whites worldview. So he says what Jesus would do would be to promote a national health care policy?

    He does make one good point, Christians need to learn to better verbalize their positions on other issues besides abortion and homosexuality. For instance, why a universal health care system is wrong, why an overemphasis on racism is wrong, why a welfare state is wrong, etc.

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