Independence Day 2007

I know this entry is quite late. I am trying to be more prompt and timely in my blog. For Independence Day 2007, I attended two fireworks shows. The first was Red White, and Boom, which is the official City of Columbus display; it was on July 3. More details coming as soon as I get some pictures from a friend.

The second show was on July 4 in a suburb north of Columbus; a group of us was hosted by Dale and Kara. While the display was smaller and shorter, we were able to sit much closer. We could hear and feel the fireworks. I also brought a copy of the Declaration of Independence and read its opening paragraphs to the group.

Before the fireworks began, we noticed a beautiful natural light show in the west. The shadow is being cast by an unusually high cloud.



These always remind me of willow trees.

Unfortunately, I ran out of film before the grand finale!
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