Girl Name Ideas For My Friends who Shall Adopt or Give Birth Soon.

Andromeda Constellation
Ariel Lion of God,” Satellite of Uranus, Cartoon Mermaid, Shakespeare’s The Tempest
Cygnus Constellation (“Swan“)
Deborah Judges 3-5
Kira Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Dark Crystal
Lise Meitner
Lydia Acts 16:14
Lyra Constellation, Musical Instrument
Marie Curie
Mira Star in Cetus, “Wonderful”
Miranda Satellite of Uranus, Shakespeare’s The Tempest
Miri Star Trek (Original Series Ep. 12)
Priscilla Acts 18:2
Raven Corvus corax
Sheera II Chronicles 7:24
Tabitha Acts 9:36, Bewitched
Zira Planet of the Apes

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