What would you do with liquid nitrogen, a styrofoam cup and cotton-tipped swabs in some aluminum foil?

FYI Everyone,Below is a message from a Chemistry Dept. faculty about an odd person wandering near their labs. Since our building is in somewhat close proximity I thought I would pass it on, since the campus police have asked to be called if he is seen.Thanks,
…——– Original Message ——–

A young caucasion, age about 30 or so, has been wandering about Evans lab this afternoon. He stopped in our lab asking for liquid nitrogen, to be put in a styrofoam cup, but not for scientific purposes. He is about 6 feet tall or maybe shorter, thin, curly light brown hair, wearing brown shorts, wearing a harmonica around his neck, carrying the styrofoam cup, and cotton-tipped swabs in some aluminum foil. I confronted him, and he seemed offended that I was asking him who he was. He told me a name (I forget what), and said that he worked jointly with the Haddad and Platz groups. I just inquired of a student/post-doc in Prof. Platz’ lab, who told me that someone of this description also asked for LN2 last Friday. Others have just told me that he has wandered the building in years (sic) past. The Campus Police have just stopped by my office and taken this report. They asked me to tell you in this email, if you see someone with this description, to phone the campus police right away. Phone either 2-2121 or 911, the calls will go to the same dispatcher.

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