Electrical Power Failure

The remnants of Hurricane Ike blew through Ohio on Sunday (Sep. 14) and knocked out electrical power to a large part of the state, including my apartment. The storm killed several people and prompted the Governor to declare a state of emergency, according to a front page Dispatch article (Sept. 16, A1).

Yesterday, I saw an electrical line flashing and buzzing above a utility pole near my apartment. It was surrounded by police caution tape. As of writing this entry, the electricity is still off in my apartment. According to AEP,

Columbus District, including Delaware, Columbus and surrounding communities: The company estimates that 90 percent of its customers in these areas will be restored by midnight Sunday. More detailed information on restoration efforts in the Columbus area will be available tomorrow.

Since the article was posted online on Sunday, it is not clear whether they mean electricity should have been restored on the night of the storm or will be restored by Sept. 21. The rumors around the Physics Research Building, which like the rest of Ohio State has electricity, are that restoration is expected by Wednesday night.

I thank my parents for giving me a wind-up flashlight for Christmas; it is extremely useful in situations like this. I was impressed by the Flying Pizza, which remained open on High Street yesterday despite the lack of electricity. The were able to keep baking pizza with their gas oven. I have brought various rechargeable devices and batteries into the office and am determining how to cook, wash clothes, and obtain a hot shower until electrical service is restored.

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