Life Since The Defense

I realize that my skills as a blogger, particularly my frequency of updates, leave much to be desired. So, I have decided to combine several updates into this one entry.

  • Kelly and I had a very enjoyable trip to Wisconsin (where I was raised) and Minnesota (where I went to college).
  • Since I returned, I have been working on revising my dissertation and scheduling interviews for postdoctoral positions. Thus far I have had one and am scheduling more!
  • For Halloween, I dressed as a Samurai. Kelly and I went to a pumpkin-carving party with CGSA. It was good fun, great food, and mostly hilarious costumes.
  • My adviser held a party in my honor at his house. Most of my colleagues from the past 5 years came to toast my success. It was fun and very touching.
  • On Election Night, we went to an election party hosted by our pastor at Continuum. We had a wide variety of snacks and political views. So, the reaction to Obama’s win was somewhat muted. Actually, the loudest laughs and cheers of the night came from mistakes on the ticker showing the local election results, like one candidate appearing at least 8 times in one race, all with different vote totals.
  • Kelly and several unnamed conspirators from Continuum and CGSA held a surprise party to congratulate me on my successful defense. It was an ice-cream party, so large quantities of frozen dairy products and toppings were consumed by all.
  • Another surprise awaited at Continuum this morning. The pastor showed a photograph of the ATLAS detector before asking me to come to the front so he could pray for me. He also gave me a gift card.

It is wonderful to see the conclusion of this work finally arrive. I thank God for all of the opportunities and friends he has given me.

I am still keeping busy. I have two postdoc interviews scheduled for this week, revisions to do on my dissertation, revisions on my analysis in preparation for publication, and my graduation ceremony is Dec. 14.

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