Pittsburgh and Bloomington

Last Thursday (Thanksgiving) I was in a suburb of Pittsburgh known as North Braddock, PA to celebrate Thanksgiving with Kelly and her family. We had a very relaxing time; it was a good to rest and relax with each other after. Of course, we also had an excellent feast, including a turkey that benefited from a few broth injections prior to roasting.

Today, I turned in the final pieces of paperwork to graduate with my Ph.D and submitted my dissertation online. All that remains is to walk in the commencement ceremony on Dec. 14 at 2pm. You are all invited!

The postdoctoral job search continues. Tonight, I am in Bloomington, IN to give a seminar and meet with department members at Indiana University. I rented a car and drove it here. I plan to drive back to Columbus in time for the CGSA Christmas Party; my white elephant gift is wrapped and ready.

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