Real Answer to Guess the Object.

Seventeen days ago, I asked my readers to identify this object. First, here is the full context of the photograph.
The mystery object was on a cookie sheet surrounded by frozen french fries. Indeed, it came in a bag full of french fries.
I called the toll free number on the back of the bag and spoke to a nice woman who works for Kroger. I explained the situation and my conclusion that the foreign object in the bag of garlic fries appeared to be an errant chicken wing. She gave me a $3.00 credit on my Kroger card, which I used the next time I went grocery shopping. She also asked several questions about the numbers on the bag so she could identify the plant that had produced it.

After baking the fries, I tried to eat the mystery object. I discovered that it was not a chicken; it seemed to be made of the same substance as the other fries. I therefore concluded that it was a badly misshapen (but still tasty) french fry.

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2 Responses to Real Answer to Guess the Object.

  1. Stephen says:

    In just one week, you’re going to learn a very important life lesson in physics. Do you know what separates Post-docs from grad students? A post-doc doesn’t eat the mystery food.


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