An object in motion will stay in motion…

Monday (Feb. 2) was not a good day for me. Only one thing went wrong, but that was slipping on the ice and falling backwards. I landed on my head and apparently gave myself a mild concussion. A nice woman named Judy found me and helped me back to my apartment. At least, I think she did; I remember most of the hour after the fall as if it were a dream.I was scheduled to drive to Fermilab this morning to take a training class, but when the man (Tyler) from Enterprise arrived to pick me up, I did not even remember that I had ordered a rental car. I asked him to take me to the medical center on campus instead of the rental car
lot. He loaded my luggage and drove the me there.I was able to see the doctor fairly quickly, and she examined me.  While I did not do an serious damage to my brain, she said that I should not be doing any long distance driving today. I walked to my office from the medical center and made several phone calls to rescheduling everything I had planned to do for the next two days.  That was quite easy; its amazing how much sympathy an injury like this will provoke.My neck and back are still quite sore.  I am currently at Fermilab, and I am recovering as the doctor said I would.  At this point, I am suffering more pain from embarrassment than anything else.  I am grateful for the kindness of those who helped me, and I will be more careful in the future.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re ok! Kelly told me about the fall. By the way — you used to live in Columbus and you’re dating a girl named Kelly.

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