Computer Problems

Recently, I tried to make some modifications to my trusty IBM notebook PC (a.k.a. laptop). The fact that it bears the IBM logo (not Lenovo) gives you an idea of how long I have had it. The modifications did not go as planned, and after several calls to the IBM help line, I was told that I had to revert the system to factory settings. Fortunately, my friend had advised me to backup my system before I tried the modifications. I did so on an external USB hard drive.

I was able to restore the system, but now the USB ports appear to be inoperative. Another call to the help line resulted in a box being prepared for me. It will be sent to me so that I can pack my computer in it and return it for service. I have an extended warranty, so it will only cost me time. Since all of my pictures and other personal items are in the hard drive I cannot access, I will probably not do much blogging until my computer is repaired and returned.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bring the hard drive to Columbus next weekend and I can try it with my little device that makes laptop hard drives into really big USB drives.

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