Favorite Companion

You all may be wondering why Kelly and I call each other “favorite companion.”  The term of endearment came from when we were dating.  Specifically, we were discussing how to introduce each other, and we did not like the words boyfriend and girlfriend but could not think of any accurate substitutes.  
To solve this dilemma, I looked girlfriend up in my dictionary (Webster’s Third Unabridged) and found it defined as “the favorite female companion of a boy or man.”  The definition of boyfriend also contains the construction “favorite companion.”  We both liked it so much that we started using it for each other and still use it alongside of finacé and fiancée.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Soon you will be able to add "Closest Relative" to your terms you use for each other… 🙂

    We hope you're doing well, Luke and Kelly!

    With Love,
    Jonathan and Christina T.

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