After much prayer, discussion, consultation, and thought, Kelly and I have decided to relocate to the western suburbs of Chicago in the first week or two of 2010.  This will allow me to be based at Fermilab rather than in Bloomington.  I will still have the same job working as a postdoctoral fellow for Indiana University.  For those of you who remember, this will be much like my relocation to SLAC in California while I was a graduate student at Ohio State.
The reasons for this relocation stem from the experiments on which I work, primarily NOvA.  The first full prototype of the NOvA near detector is scheduled to be assembled and commissioned sometime next summer or autumn at Fermilab.  This will be a period of intense activity and will require the presence of as many collaborators as possible at the lab, including me.  We concluded that it would be better for our marriage and my career for me to be based at the lab rather than to frequently travel back and forth between there and Bloomington, sometimes for long periods.  
We will miss Bloomington, especially the new friends we have made and the old friends with whom we have been reunited.  However, we are confident that our Heavenly Father will provide us with friends and fellowship in our new home.  
Any help moving or recommendations for house would, of course, be much appreciated.
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