Travel Plans for 2009

Trip to MN, OH, and PA
  • Oct. 15-20, Minneapolis, MN: For the first four days, I will be attending a NOvA Collaboration meeting; Kelly will join me Sunday (18th) evening, and we will visit friends until Tuesday (20th) afternoon.
  • Oct. 21-23, Columbus, OH: We will be in Columbus for several meetings and appointments about planning our wedding and our lives together.
  • Oct. 24, Erie, PA: We will be attending the wedding of one of Kelly’s friends.
  • Oct. 25, Columbus, OH: After the wedding, we will drive back to Columbus, and I will return to Bloomington in the afternoon or evening.
Update: I have color coded the future dates to indicate how (or if) I can be reached.
Green = full e-mail and phone contact
Orange = sporadic e-mail and full phone contact
Red = no contact

Kelly’s Candidacy Exam, Thanksgiving, and Seminar
  • Nov. 20-25, Columbus, OH: Kelly’s Candidacy Exam is on the 24th.
  • Nov. 25-28, Pittsburgh, PA: Thanksgiving with Kelly’s Family
  • Nov. 30-Dec.1, Madison, WI: HEP Seminar at UW-Madsion

Home Search, Wedding, Steelers, and Holidays
  • Dec. 7-9: Warrenville, IL: Searching for a home near Fermilab
  • Dec. 9-12: Columbus, OH: Wedding! Marrying my love Dec. 12!
  • Dec. 12-18: Honeymoon
  • Dec. 18-21: Pittsburgh, PA: We have been given tickets to the Steelers vs. Packers game!
  • Dec. 21-22: Bloomington, IN
  • Dec. 22-26(?): Independence, WI: Visiting Family for Christmas
  • Dec. 26(?)-Jan 1: Minneapolis, MN: Visiting Friends for New Year’s
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