Listen to “Can a Biologist Trust an Evangelical Christian?”

The audio from panel discussion on biological evolution and Christianity that I helped organize at Indiana University last November has been posted online, along with a nice summary written by the InterVaristy staff leader for our group, Paula Puckett. You can hear the audio from all three panelists opening remarks and the introduction to the discussion by yours truly!
I thank God for the opportunity to participate in this event, and I think it was very successful. It was a good step in reaching out from the Kingdom of God to academia at Indiana University.
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1 Response to Listen to “Can a Biologist Trust an Evangelical Christian?”

  1. Darius says:

    Well, it didn't start out terribly well in the opening comments:

    "The stereotypical evangelical Christian culture is deeply anti-intellectual and forces its members to choose between their faith and good science, like biological evolution."

    Already, a bias against and uncharitable understanding of the other side is introduced here. While some evangelicals are certainly anti-intellectual, I have found this to be largely the exception and not the rule. Evangelical Christians are some of the most intellectually honest thinkers in society, particularly the leaders of Evangelicalism. Also, you say that biological evolution is "good science." I know of many scientists and other bright minds who would disagree strongly with that view. Are they being "anti-intellectual?" It seems a bit unfair to call anyone who disagrees with you "anti-intellectual"…

    I haven't listened to the rest yet, but already this is set up with certain prejudices already assumed. I think it would be good to do a panel discussion on "Can an Evangelical Christian Trust a Biologist?" 🙂

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