Who wants to show off their engineering or problem solving skills?

If you look at this picture carefully, you will notice something odd. Specifically, the antenna cable is plugged into the wall rather than a TV. This is because our TV is in our living room on the first floor, but the best reception is obtained with the antenna on the second floor. Since previous occupants of our house had cable and satellite TV, we were able to use coaxial cable they left here to connect the antenna to the cable jack as seen above, run a cable from that jack to another one downstairs, and finally, run a cable from that jack to our TV. It’s amazing what one will do to get good TV without paying for cable!

The problem alluded to in the title is that this antenna (a Terk HDTVa) receives almost all of the broadcast channels from Chicago that we want to see. One channel is missing.

MISSING: Channel 2
Call Letters: WBBM
Network: CBS
Frequency: VHF Ch. 12 (204 – 210 MHz)
Broadcast Power: 8 kW
Distance: 34.2 mi
URL: http://cbs2chicago.com/
Why Wanted: Steelers Games and The Big Bang Theory
For various reasons, we would rather not try to put an antenna on our roof.
So, if anyone wants to demonstrate their technical prowess and give ideas for receiving WBBM, please do so.
Thank you in advance.
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