God Provides

The title of this post may strike some as cliche, but it was true for us.  We were planning to be on a bus to Columbus, OH today, but Kelly became quite ill yesterday.  We decided to cancel the trip.

From Columbus, we were scheduled to fly to Venice, Italy for a conference at which I am giving a presentation.  Then, we were going to fly back from Venice to Chicago.

I called United to see how much it would cost to change our flights so that we would depart from Chicago rather than Columbus.  Given the last minute nature of this change and airline’s penchant for charging fees, I thought it would be prohibitively expensive if there were even any seats available.  This is where God provided.

In what was probably the most productive half-hour I have even spent on the phone with an airline employee, he found seats on a flight from Chicago to Frankfurt, where we could connect with the same flight to Venice we had already booked. The seats are a pair, so we will still be able to sit together in the kind of seats we prefer (window and aisle).  He made the change for free!  Anyone who has navigate the world of airline fees will realize why calling this an instance of God’s provision is no exaggeration.  He mentioned something about bad weather in Cleveland, but I didn’t ask any other questions.

Our plans for Venice and the return flights are unchanged, so we would appreciate your prayers that we will both be well enough for our trip and my presentation.

“Your steadfast love, O LORD, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.” – Psalm 36:5

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2 Responses to God Provides

  1. ~Nikki~ says:

    Congrats on the smooth transaction at the airline… that surely is an act of God. I believe you to were not meant to be on that bus or leave from that other city for a good reason. Count your blessings and God bless on your trips.

  2. Dont worry about tomorrow because God is already there! What a wonderful show of God's love!

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