National Day of Prayer: My Prayer for Education

This was the prayer I gave at the 2011 National Day of Prayer gathering at Fermilab.

Lord and Father,

You are the Creator of education and teaching, and we thank you for the opportunities to teach and learn with which we have been blessed.  We come to you with petitions for this vastly influential institution.

We confess that we have all at times be timid in sharing your gospel with our colleagues, students, and teachers.  We ask your forgiveness.

For the teachers, administrators, and students in our schools, colleges, and universities who do follow Jesus, we offer our deep thanks.  For them we ask that they will always seek your understanding, insight, and knowledge above all.  We ask that they will have courage to speak your gospel with truth, love, and patience.  We ask that they will accept the truth even when it forces them to admit error or overturn their previous understanding.

We ask that you will continue to protect the freedom of your people to gather in your name in places of learning.  We ask that those who do not yet believe will se your light shining in their peers and be cultivated to receive your word.  We ask that all educators will use their influence well.

Your will be done.

In Christ’s name, amen.

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