I want to be able to bike to church. (mailed July 5, 2011)

Commissioner Thomas Van Cleave
Forest Preserve District of Kane County
1996 South Kirk Road, Suite 320
Geneva, IL 60134

Dear Commissioner Van Cleave:

As a resident of Batavia and an avid bicyclist, I am writing to ask about a possible extension to the bike trails which intersect at the corner of Kirk Rd. and Fabyan Parkway in Geneva.  Would it be possible to construct an extension from that corner to the parking lot of the Fox Valley Ice Arena?  This extension would allow a cyclist to ride to Cherry Lane from the south without needing to ride on Kirk Rd. or walk through knee-high grass and thistles along sections of Kirk.  
This is of interest to me and multiple other members of The Well, which is a church congregation that has recently begun sharing the Fox Valley Church of God building on the corner of Kirk and Cherry.  Several of us would like to be able to bike to church on Sunday mornings. We have even discussed having a “Bike to Church Sunday.”  However, there is currently no safe or convenient bicycle route, and the extension I have suggested would complete one from the south.
I realize that such a suggestion would require considerable money and time, so if such a trail extension is impractical at present, it would still be helpful if the grass on the west side of Kirk Road could be kept short enough to make walking though it practical.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


Luke Corwin

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