More Blessed to Give

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” – Jesus (Acts 20:35)

This aphorism was reinforced to us with great joy when we were visiting my family for Christmas.  My mother had given some indications that she was ready to take a technological step forward into the computer age.  She wanted something on which she could type letters rather than handwriting them.  This may not seem like a big technological step, but bear in mind that she got her first cell phone for Christmas … in 2010!

Kelly and I decided to refurbish my old laptop and give it to her as a surprise.  It has grown rather slow with age; it is old enough that it is actually and IBM (not Lenovo) laptop!  Kelly did a lot of work installing a new operating system, Xubuntu, and several useful freeware programs (word processing, photo manipulation, DVD player, etc.) to make it as fast and novice-friendly as possible.  I made sure to capture the moment of her opening this gift on video:

Her joy seems to have made her a fast learner.  She just sent us friend requests on Facebook!  The internet will never be the same.

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