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Snow Trees at Home And Fermilab

Last night’s snowfall turned the trees near our home and Fermilab into bases for beatiful and fleeting snow sculputres. If this images make you a little uneasy, you may be a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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Helping Each Other Fly With Decency

I am opposed to the use of backscatter x-ray, millimeter wave, and other advanced imaging technologies used to scan through clothes at US airports.  At TSA Status, travelers can report on the use of these machines and help each other … Continue reading

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Practical Benefits of Particle Physics #6

My colleague Xinchun Tian writes that someday we may be able to use neutrinos to predict earthquakes!

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How I Shall Choose to Vote

With the Presidential primary season already well underway and Illinois primary coming up on March 20, I have been thinking about my process for decided which candidates to vote for.  In past years, I have tried to judge candidates based … Continue reading

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Office Fridge Label Win!

It contains so little information, yet it is all I need to know.

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