Recall Walker!

Those of you who follow this blog know that despite my occasionally strong political opinions, I rarely place them here.  However, this is one occasion where I feel compelled to write publicly about it.  I have been praying about this, and God seems to be letting the idea stick in my mind.

The upcoming State Senate and gubernatorial recall elections in Wisconsin have commanded a good deal of attention from me because I grew up in Wisconsin, the main issue that triggered the recall is of great importance to me, and my wife and I both have friends who are public school teachers.  I am no longer a resident of Wisconsin, so I cannot vote in this election, but I am writing this partly to encourage you who do live in Wisconsin to vote against Scott Walker.

He, with the cooperation of the state legislature and the state Supreme Court, eliminated the ability of public school teachers to bargain collectively for their wages or benefits.  I can understand the need to reform pension systems and balance the budget, but I disagree with eliminating unions to do it.  The state government could have negotiated, even to the point of a good, old fashioned strike, but they chose not to.

In my mind, state and federal budgetary problems are largely due to the current recession, and Gov. Walker is simply using them as an excuse for union busting.  In other words, public school teachers and their unions are becoming scapegoats for the recession, for which almost every American citizen and institution is culpable to some degree.

He has, via these actions, caused two of the best teachers I have ever known to leave the field via early retirement.  More than anything else, this is why I am writing this post. I do not have permission to name them here, but whatever command of the English language or artistic merit is present in this blog is in part due to them.  They are not the only ones.  The cost of this loss to students now and to the young teachers who are deprived of the opportunity to learn from their experience, will not be fully realized for a generation.

I realize that in the spring State Supreme Court election and the State Senate recall elections earlier this year, supporters of the public school teachers unions lost by a few thousand votes.

I realize that current polls show Gov. Walker with a single digit lead.

I realize this will probably not accomplish much beyond garnering negative feedback from some of my conservative friends in at least four different states.

However, I also realize that one drop of water will not accomplish carving the grand canyon and a few loaves and fishes will not accomplish feeding thousands of people.  So, I post this for what it is worth and trust the Lord to guide the voters of Wisconsin to do his will.

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3 Responses to Recall Walker!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Typical regressive drivel. Unions serve no one's interest but their own, and Walker was right to limit their power. More to the point, fiscal conservatism is the only thing Wisconsin has going for it right now, and putting the state back in leftist hands would do nothing but pile up more debt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please do not credit God with ideas which are buzzing around your brain.

    I urge you to read about Charlotte Mason and "real" learning, no longer possible to progressivist thinking and things like teachers' unions.

    They have no place in education. As a teacher of almost 40 years, public, private, and home education, I can guarantee you that unions promote anything but sound educational principles, and if your teachers were members, then count yourself lucky.

    No responsible educator that I have ever met validated the necessity of unions. Unions got power and then just stuck around playing havoc with education and with what they viewed as the bottomless well of public monies.

    Perhaps the Lord wants you to consider how different education would be were these wonderful teachers to rely on Him as the source.

  3. Obviously the other two posters are not part of the situation. It's easy to stand behind anonymity and spout your thoughts! I, Pamela Young Lehmeier, am proud to be a teacher, proud to be a member of a union ( which created a living wage and retirement benefits for people doing some of the most difficult work in the world) and proud of the work I do every day with children. Come to my classroom any day, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous. This responsible educator would love for you to visit the trenches and see how little access schools have to limitless public monies….

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