Gratitude, Part 1 (Week of Aug. 17, 2013)

  1. New washer and dryer
  2. My new job
  3. The beautiful sunsets in the Black Hills
  4. Good lunch at the LZ meeting
  5. My good friend and best man Gary
  6. Talking with Gary via Skype last night
  7. Video phones are real!
  8. The relative ease of finding our new home and getting an offer accepted
  9. Rapid City Farmers Market
  10. Beautiful sunsets in the Black Hills
  11. Central Air at our house
  12. New roof on the new house
  13. Being able to move into our new house right away
  14. My lab space at SDSM&T
  15. The patience of my wife
  16. Health insurance
  17. Big front window in our house
  18. Having a professor at SDSM&T to guide me into being a new faculty member
  19. Having other people I can contact as mentors
  20. Short wait time for new driver’s license
  21. Figured out how to get portable CD/DVD drive working.  It was borrowed from ITS, and it had an on/off switch that I could not find for a while.
  22. Low VOC paint used in the Chemistry/Chem. Eng. building
  23. Keys for new office.
  24. Window in my office
  25. Chance to interact with students at freshman orientation in Physics Dept.
  26. Ice cream sandwich at  freshman orientation in Physics Dept.
  27. Changing room, shower and lockers in the building next door to Physics.
  28. Successfully transporting eggs from farmers’ market on my wife’s bike (Aug. 24, 2013)
  29. Crickets at night
  30. Conversation with neighbor about barking dogs
  31. Able to reach real estate agent about issues with house
  32. Temporary desk in my new office
  33. This list has no rules imposed from the outside! 🙂

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