Gratitude, Part 5 (Sep. 14-20)

  1. Transported my office boxes from home into my office
  2. Encouraging and challenging message about not being defined by my past at Project Church
  3. Good deal on fried chicken at Safeway
  4. Organic bananas on sale at Safeway
  5. Potluck with fellow PC members
  6. Getting to know the hostess of the potluck before everyone else arrived
  7. Good driving directions from the hostess
  8. Started unpacking boxes in my office
  9. Second monitor ordered
  10. I was able to return library materials on my bike.
  11. Sharing the stories of how we met and our first date with our hostess
  12. Organic squash on sale at Safeway
  13. Achieved true inbox zero today (Sep. 17, 2013)
  14. Bison chili that my wife made
  15. Opportunity to review my first paper for a journal
  16. Interlibrary loans at SDSM&T
  17. Dishwasher
  18. Refrigerator
  19. Electricity
  20. All of the books in my office are now unpacked.
  21. Hanging file folders for my desk
  22. Found my ethernet adapter
  23. Water heater
  24. Two bathrooms in our house
  25. Multitude of ways to communicate with my wife when we are apart
  26. Having a good reason to open my undergraduate quantum mechanics book (discussion with a student)
  27. Free frozen yogurt with the band at Cherry Berry (Sep. 18, 2013)
  28. Ride to Cherry Berry from one of my fellow tuba players
  29. We got to know two band members better during the ride.
  30. I learned about how I might teach well in the future
  31. Group picture with part of the band
  32. Delicious blueberry “breakfast bread” my wife made
  33. My wife discovered our dishwasher’s front panels are reversible, allowing us to choose between two different colors (beige and black)
  34. Woke up without needing my alarm this morning (Sep. 19, 2013)
  35. Rode over Star Village Hill for the first time this morning (Sep. 20, 2013)
  36. First night in our newly painted bedroom (Sep. 20, 2013).

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2 Responses to Gratitude, Part 5 (Sep. 14-20)

  1. It's so good to see your basket is full!

  2. So glad your blessing bucket is full!

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