Gratitude, Part 8 (Oct. 5-11)

  1. Warm weather to melt the snow after the blizzard
  2. We had electricity for almost the entire blizzard
  3. After the blizzard, we met two neighbors and got to know others better
  4. Falling tree limbs missed our house and garage
  5. I was able to bike from home to campus on the first day it was open after the blizzard
  6. My standing work station arrived
  7. Meet with the man who may be my first graduate student
  8. Opportunity to meet with the local IV staff member today (Oct. 11, 2013)
  9. New rain pants are working well
  10. Remember to bring Kelly’s instruments before I left the yard (Oct. 9, 2013)
  11. Successfully installed new light fixture without shocking, burning, or breaking anything or myself.
  12. My wife successfully installed new light switches in the bathroom and bedroom.
  13. Installed TV mount and mounted TV on it.
  14. Figured out how to lock up my bike in a way that allowed me to still put the rain cover on.
  15. After my bike blew over, Neal recognized it, let me know, and gave me a good idea for where to store it.
  16. Excellent relaxing weekend getaway in a cabin near Deadwood.
  17. Taught my first class as a professor, and it went fairly well
  18. Safe trip to the cabin
  19. Gas fireplace in the cabin
  20. Basket of snacks provided by the owners of the cabin
  21. Beautiful stars the first night in the cabin (Oct. 11, 2013)

Total: 272

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