Gratitude, Part 11 (Oct. 26 – Nov. 1)

  1. The opportunity to help friends move in very trying circumstances (Oct. 26, 2013)
  2. People signing up for small groups this morning (Oct. 27, 2013)
  3. Forgiveness of my friends
  4. Helping people in need by clearing yard debris created by the blizzard
  5. Time to rest from all of the work this week and weekend
  6. Time to read and write to sort out some of my emotions
  7. My wife found her wedding ring, which had been lost for roughly a year (Nov. 1, 2013)!
  8. Good times at the Physics Dept. Halloween Social
  9. Good costumes at the Physics Dept. Halloween Social
  10. Good food at the Physics Dept. Halloween Social
  11. My wife’s homemade spagetti squash
  12. My wife’s homemade rice dish
  13. Ability to care for my wife when she is sick
  14. Successfully airing out our new mattress topper
  15. My wife’s safe journey from Columbus to Minneapolis
  16. My wife’s safe journey from Minneapolis to Rapid City
  17. Picking my wife up at the airport
  18. Being present in person at the announcement of the first LUX science results.
  19. Meeting interesting people at the announcement
  20. The governor’s encouraging words at the announcement
  21. Learning about the Cultural Advisory Committee for the Sanford Lab
  22. Safe ride to and from the  LUX announcement
  23. Finished my lecture for the week earlier than I expected
  24. Interesting STEM education seminar (Oct. 29, 2013)
  25. My wife was able to join me at the seminar
  26. Noticing my improvement at band rehearsal (Oct. 30, 2013)

Total: 382
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