Gratitude, Part 21 (Jan. 4-10, 2014)

  1. Beautiful mountains poking through the clouds
  2. The device I came here to commission is now working, and I am getting useful data
  3. Keeping in touch with Kelly via internet text and voice
  4. Riding a cable car
  5. The Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens
  6. Hot foot bath overlooking Kobe at the Herb Gardens
  7. Watching Thor, which was surprisingly good, on the plane to Japan
  8. Being invited to dinner to celebrate one of the students at Kobe submitting his doctoral thesis
  9. Eating, drinking, and conversing with my colleagues
  10. The frequent, punctual, and effective bus system in Kobe.
  11. The frequent, punctual, and effective train systems in Kobe
  12. Finding a good dinner, chocolate, and apple cider vinegar in a Japanese grocery store
  13. Finding laundry detergent in a convenience store (Family Mart).
  14. Giving a seminar on NOvA at Kobe University
  15. Being the guest of honor at dinner after my seminar
  16. Yakitori
  17. The hotel has a coin washer and dryer so I can do laundry
  18. The hotel staff quickly resolved a misunderstanding about whether breakfast was included in my room charge
  19. Attending an English-speaking church on my first Sunday in Kobe (Jan. 5, 2014)
  20. A comfortable and functional temporary desk at the university
  21. Hands-on experience with the radon monitor I am here to study
  22. My computer coding skills
  23. My English is easy for my Japanese colleagues to understand
  24. Lunches at the Kobe University cafeteria
  25. After getting off the bus on my first trip to Kobe University, I was able to follow a group of students to the university.
  26. Since the University is at the top of a steep hill, I am still getting exercise in Japan
  27. After begin lost due to getting off the bus at the wrong stop on my second trip to Kobe University, I managed to find me way (via the same bus) to my destination.
  28. Help from one of my colleagues with buying a prepaid bus card
  29. Buying a prepaid bus card
  30. Though some of my clothes were still wet after drying them last night, I was able to finish drying them this morning (Jan. 9, 2014).
  31. The ATM two blocks from my hotel that accepts my US ATM card
  32. My hotel is very affordable.
  33. Successfully riding the bus back from the university (Jan. 9, 2014). Previous return trips were by train
  34. Finding Thang Cafe on my second try
  35. Free hot spring role from Thang Cafe.
  36. The food at Thang was as good as the reviews suggested
  37. Listening to SDPB online all the way from Japan
  38. Time to rest and think for the first time since Sunday evening (Jan. 9, 2014)
  39. Six convenience stores (2 x Lawson Station, 2 x Family Mart, 2 x 7-11) within walking distance of my hotel
  40. Two train stations (Sannomiya and Shin-Kobe) within walking distance of my hotel
  41. A grocery story (Ikari) within walking distance of my hotel
  42. I remembered to pack the electrical connector that also works as a 3 to 2-prong adapter
  43. The ability to walk from the subway station through two shopping malls without ever going above ground
  44. The invaluable help of Google Maps in navigating here
  45. Sharing Royal Mints with my colleagues
  46. Photographing the experimental apparatus here
  47. Comfortable bed in the hotel
  48. Good water pressure in the shower

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