Gratitude List Returns (Oct. 28 – Nov. 3, 2015)

  1. First lesson on using a milling machine
  2. Eating produce from our garden
  3. Lining a ramekin with parchment paper before microwaving an egg is an effective way to reduce cleaning time.
  4. The overwhelming messages of encouragement I have received in response to my Facebook question, “Whose story can I make better today?”
  5. A change in perspective on an important personal issue.
  6. The ability to communicate with a long-time friend on Facebook.
  7. Discussing faith, science, and affordable housing with friends at a morning men’s group.
  8. Learning to use a milling machine and making my first piece on it.
  9. Good conversation with a student who is having trouble.
  10. Helping a friend I have never met
  11. Opportunity to speak at The Well on Nov. 1
  12. Handing out candy to trick-or-treaters; my favorites were the boys dressed as Mario and Luigi!
  13. Physics Halloween social 2015, with us dressing (and acting) as Dark Matter an Dark Energy
  14. My friend wrote a novel called Truest, which is powerful, moving, deep, and infused with her faith. It grabbed places in my psyche that I barely knew were there, and it has refused to let go.
  15. Laughing with my wife while watching recorded TV shows on our Entertainment PC
  16. Homemade Sloppy Joes, including peppers from our garden.
  17. Clearance Halloween candy
  18. My presentation at The Well was well-received. 
  19. Time with a good friend (Nov. 1)
  20. My improving ability to play our upcoming concert pieces in the SDSM&T Symphonic Band
  21. Progress in seeking new projects for my lab.
  22. Good meetings with students on Nov. 2
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