Gratitude (Nov. 4 – Nov. 10)

  1. Excellent discussion and planning with Society of Physics Students
  2. My wife landed safely (and close to punctually) in Pittsburgh
  3. Received my influenza vaccination.
  4. Physics colloquium from one of our graduate students
  5. Time at the library this evening (Nov. 5)
  6. The Pleiades rising in the east.
  7. Retrieved my wife’s bike from the bike shop)
  8. Tried a new restaurant (Nov. 7)
  9. My wife was able to spend most of Friday (Nov. 6) with dear friends
  10. Finished machine shop training
  11. I was able to help my wife find a hotel for part of her trip.
  12. Beautiful conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon early in the morning as I was riding to a men’s group (Nov. 6)
  13. Good discussion at men’s group 
  14. Being able to make tea in my office.
  15. My wife’s bicycle is turned up and back home.
  16. Good conversation with a colleague about religions beliefs and their effect on society
  17. New pillars in place for our garage porch
  18. My wife’s beautiful flight from Pittsburgh to Minneapolis
  19. Bringing my wife home from her trip
  20. All of the wonderful friends my wife caught up with during her trip
  21. Starting a calibration test of our radon monitor.
  22. Dark chocolate ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery 
  23. Discussion of race and policing in Rapid City based on a study from the University of South Dakota.
  24. Leftovers from Sheetz
  25. Video of a levitating frog.
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