Gratitude (Nov. 11 – Nov. 17)

  1. Physics lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings
  2. The veterans in my life and my ancestry, including my grandfathers (Austin and Galen), step-grandfather (Louis), and many friends.
  3. Leftover squash cake from Sunday potluck
  4. Being able to adjust my wife’s bike seat to a better and (I hope) more stable height. 
  5. Visiting the WiSE open house 
  6. Writing birthday cards to our friends
  7. Dinner with friends to celebrate a birthday
  8. Fun at Watiki Water Park (Nov. 14)
  9. Getting part of our basement in better condition for guests
  10. Dinner at Famous Dave’s
  11. My wife leading the discussion at our church on Sunday (Nov. 15)
  12. The wonderful people she told us about in her discussion
  13. A chance to help a friend through a rough time
  14. Finishing and posting the short version of a book review for my friend’s novel Truest
  15. Good weather for walking over the weekend
  16. Meeting and petting a neighbor’s cat, named Purry Como
  17. The STEM: Women Are All Over It shirt is back on sale!
  18. Pointing a student to a potentially helpful source of information on cosmic rays.
  19. Packing for my trip to the AAPT Teaching Workshop went smoothly
  20. My wife’s help in getting ready for the trip
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