Gratitude (Nov. 25 – Dec. 1)

  1. Good weather on the drive from Sioux Falls to Mondovi, WI
  2. Staying for Thanksgiving with my aunt and uncle
  3. Thanksgiving dinner with my sister and her fiancee’s family
  4. My sister is engaged!
  5. Reconnecting with old friends 
  6. Thanksgiving with my family
  7. Playing Apples to Apples with my wife, sister, mother, and father
  8. Good weather on the drive from Wisconsin back to Sioux Falls
  9. A safe trip from Sioux Falls back to home despite unpleasant weather
  10. Time to rest and relax during Thanksgiving weekend
  11. Good conversations by phone with friends and colleagues
  12. Time to prepare for class during the drives between home and Wisconsin
  13. Gifts from my family
  14. Giving gifts to my sister
  15. Giving gifts to my parents
  16. Giving gifts to my aunt and uncle
  17. Pie from the Fryn Pan in Sioux Falls
  18. Family pictures
  19. Visiting with my grand aunt, who shares my birthday
  20. Modifying my class slightly based on what I learned at the AAPT Workshop
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