Gratitude (Dec. 2 – Dec. 8)

  1. Physics Lunch Club at Ruby Tuesday
  2. Getting my bike to a shop that is better than where I have been taking it
  3. Putting snow tires on my bike in time to ride in the snow
  4. Sufficient bus service to get to work while my bike is in the shop
  5. Selling our artificial Christmas tree
  6. Final band rehearsal before the concert
  7. Good meeting with Independent Study student
  8. Starting drafting my final exam 
  9. Time on Friday night to relax and watch some TV
  10. My new Fitbit
  11. Lamb korma
  12. Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation streaming online.
  13. Productive phone meeting in my lab
  14. Future plans for my lab
  15. Helpful and generous colleagues
  16. Progress on our living room curtains
  17. My final class of the semester went well
  18. Much laughter and fund at the Physics Gift Riot
  19. The piece of magnetic field viewing film I received at the Gift Riot
  20. Giving away two books at the Gift Riot
  21. My wife stealing an adult coloring book at the Gift Riot
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