Gratitude (Dec. 9 – 15)

  1. First Underground Science Research Forum meeting
  2. Physics Lunch Club at Ruby Tuesday (Dec. 9)
  3. Sharing some of my experiences at the AAPT Workshop at our weekly staff meeting (Dec. 9)
  4. The many amazing trees at the Parade of Trees
  5. SPS winning a prize at the Parade of Trees
  6. The many amazing and fun gingerbread “houses” also featured at the Parade of Trees
  7. One of the gingerbread houses was created partly using laser engraving
  8. Cookies and cider at the Parade of Trees
  9. Proctoring the final for another class went without incident
  10. Good discussion at the Men of the Wobbly Table (Dec. 11)
  11. Dinner with friends at Pizza Ranch
  12. Making our own special brunch at home on our anniversary 
  13. Talking with my parents about the Christmas gift we gave to them
  14. Walking to the Potluck at The Well
  15. Discussion of hope and advent candles at The Well
  16. Playing with the pets’ of our hosts for the Potluck
  17. Good food at holiday social held by my wife’s department
  18. Helping to clean up after the holiday social
  19. Getting an estimate for the cost of a potential future project in my lab
  20. The flexibility to work from home during bad weather
  21. Talking with a good friend via Skype (Dec. 15)
  22. Cleaning up and organizing the living room in preparation for putting it back in order
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