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A Global Warming Thought Experiment For My Conservative, Republican, and Libertarian Friends

Denial of the science of global warming is not really about science, a point Dan Calabrese makes with admirable clarity and directness on Cain TV. Global warming is not about climate at all. Global warming is about government. It’s about … Continue reading

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Dreamcorder: “Nancy Thorndyke”

In this dream (night of Jan. 27), I was trying to help a colleague named Nancy Thorndyke with an art project. She looked like a friend I know here, but her personality was much more like a friend we have … Continue reading

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Spectacular Morning Sky

I rode to work early this morning and was greeting by a spectacular morning sky. The camera on my phone could not come close to capturing it.  The clouds were like molten metal glowing golden, orange, and pink all across the … Continue reading

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Gratitude (Jan. 20 – 26)

My wife driving me to the airport in Rapid City A safe flight from Rapid City to Minneapolis Mass transit from the airport to my hotel in Minneapolis Keeping in touch with my wife while traveling Complimentary hot chocolate at the … Continue reading

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Review of The Wounded Sky

Wow. This is an amazing book; it demonstrates the fun and depth that good science fiction writing can achieve. It had profundity, depth, and wonder encapsulated in a Star Trek novel. I finished it in about three days, part of which was … Continue reading

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Tate Laboratory

I am at the University of Minnesota, my alma mater (BS Physics, 2003), to monitor the NOvA experiment from the remote control room here. As I walk through a place with so many memories, the most striking sight so far … Continue reading

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Gratitude (Jan. 13 – 19)

A colleague who let me borrow his laptop charger Good dinner and deep conversation with colleagues (Jan. 13) Help from passengers in finding the dinner restaurant A potential new graduate student for my research group My wife’s idea for how … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs’ REAL Last Words

A short composition falsely claiming to be the last words of Steve Jobs has been circulating on Facebook again. It is a lie. His real last words, related by his sister in a beautiful eulogy, were shorter and much more interesting: Before … Continue reading

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Gratitude (Jan. 6 – 12)

Finally settling what course I will teach in the upcoming semester A very productive and helpful meeting with the lead instructor for the course Powerful and surprisingly hopeful meeting about human trafficking in western South Dakota New microwave oven Installing new cable … Continue reading

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Guess what I found under a bridge on my way to work!

As I was riding on the bike trail along the north side of Rapid Creek on Jan. 6, I saw something unusual as I passed under the East Blvd. bridge. The object that made me stop is in the left foreground of … Continue reading

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