Gratitude (Dec. 30, 2015 – Jan. 5, 2016)

  1. Successfully transferring all of my Blogger content to my new blog
  2. Safe and reasonably punctual flight from Mesa back to Rapid City
  3. The friend who was generous enough to give us a ride back from the airport
  4. A non-overwhelming amount of e-mail waiting for me
  5. The bagels and cream cheese I left in the fridge were still good upon our return.
  6. I think I saw the aurora borealis on New Year’s Eve
  7. Being with my wife for the first moments of 2016
  8. Feeling ready to get back to work after a good vacation
  9. Making flight and hotel reservations for upcoming travels.
  10. Having New Year’s Day as an official day off
  11. Watching The Big Bang Theory with friends
  12. Making homemade popcorn for friends and wife (Jan. 1)
  13. Cleaning out most of the living room
  14. Putting couches and tables back in place in the living room.  It is now ready for guests!
  15. Getting needed sleep this weekend
  16. Catching up with friends at first meeting of The Well since our return from holiday travels (Jan. 3)
  17. Learning how to better mop floors and clean class table tops
  18. New red bathroom rug
  19. Getting our upstairs bathtub thoroughly cleaned
  20. Find out how to mark shows as watched in MythTV
  21. The many Christmas cards we have received from friends
  22. Christmas gift card we have received from family
  23. I am content enough with what I have that I had some difficulty deciding how to spend the gift cards.
  24. Helping my wife cook some of our winter squash supply (Jan. 3)
  25. Ordering a compass for aligning our TV antenna
  26. Finalizing rental car plans for an upcoming trip
  27. Started watching helpful videos of a seminar about writing a good NSF CAREER proposal
  28. The sloppy joe’s we had for dinner (Jan. 3)
  29. My wife informing me of the election in time for me to vote
  30. Riding to a friend’s house that I had not biked to before
  31. Food and fellowship at a dinner with friends (Jan. 5)
  32. Being called “brave” (by a Marine) for my persistence in biking!
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