Guess what I found under a bridge on my way to work!

As I was riding on the bike trail along the north side of Rapid Creek on Jan. 6, I saw something unusual as I passed under the East Blvd. bridge.


The object that made me stop is in the left foreground of the image above. It appeared to be…

20160106_101122…an antique clock!  While discarded clothes, beer cans, and other items are common sights along the bike trail, this was a first for me!

Upon closer inspection, I discovered it was a imitation antique clock.  It is a common battery-powered quartz clock placed in a case imitating a much older design. It even had a mechanism to swing the superfluous pendulum, which was missing.

I seriously considered packing it up and taking it with me.  I decided not to for several reasons.

  1. It may have belonged to someone who would be coming back for it.
  2. The next person to see it might need it more than me.
  3. We have more than enough clocks in our house, including a genuine antique that belonged to my great grandmother.

Even though I didn’t take the clock, I have something more important: a good story.

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