Gratitude (Jan. 6 – 12)

  1. Finally settling what course I will teach in the upcoming semester
  2. A very productive and helpful meeting with the lead instructor for the course
  3. Powerful and surprisingly hopeful meeting about human trafficking in western South Dakota
  4. New microwave oven
  5. Installing new cable modem
  6. The “save link” feature on Facebook that allows me to actually think about my comments before I post them.
  7. My new summer bathrobe
  8. Finishing a set of videos on how to write and NSF CAREER proposal
  9. My new compass, which I bought for a aligning our TV antenna
  10. First research group meeting of the new year
  11. New undergraduate working with me
  12. Finalizing trip to Arlington
  13. Plans for meeting friends on my next two trips
  14. A relaxing day today (Jan. 10)
  15. The library bought a book (The Wounded Sky) at my suggestion!
  16. Truest is also available at the Rapid City Public Library.
  17. Safe and punctual flight from Rapid City to DFW
  18. Safe drive from the airport to the hotel, despite the crash that occurred in front of me on the highway.
  19. A very helpful phone call with a colleague (Jan. 11)
  20. Good service at the hotel so far
  21. My first book finished of 2016, The Wounded Sky, was amazing and profound!
  22. Interesting and important talks at the Collaboration meeting
  23. Lots of good food at the meeting
  24. Free parking
  25. The hotel management fixed a problem with my shower within 90 min. of me reporting it.
  26. I was able to easily and cheaply replace my forgotten razor
  27. I remembered to pack everything else I needed
  28. I was able to give another collaboration member a needed ride.
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