Gratitude (Jan. 13 – 19)

  1. A colleague who let me borrow his laptop charger
  2. Good dinner and deep conversation with colleagues (Jan. 13)
  3. Help from passengers in finding the dinner restaurant
  4. A potential new graduate student for my research group
  5. My wife’s idea for how to keep my alarm from waking her up
  6. Safe trip from Dallas back to Rapid City
  7. Fun time with friends watching a movie (Jan. 16)
  8. Getting clarity and direction for my lab at the collaboration meeting
  9. Dinner with good friends after the meeting
  10. A great collaboration dinner
  11. Watching the impressive dancing skills of some of my colleagues
  12. Getting to know new people in the collaboration
  13. Catching up with friends at the collaboration meeting
  14. Reflective time in the Kalpana Chawla memorial at UT-Austin
  15. Keeping in touch with my wife while I was away
  16. Informing one of my colleagues that we do have a DUNE article on Wikipedia
  17. Starting a new discussion series at The Well
  18. Test driving a potential new (to us) vehicle
  19. Experimenting with pulling in an additional station with our antenna
  20. Tangible results of my improving self-esteem
  21. My wife’s amazing cooking this weekend
  22. My wife is doing well and enjoying her teaching this semester.
  23. Signing up for my first yoga class
  24. Homemade beef stroganoff
  25. Our secretary lets me into my office when I forget my keys.
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