Gratitude (Jan. 20 – 26)

  1. My wife driving me to the airport in Rapid City
  2. A safe flight from Rapid City to Minneapolis
  3. Mass transit from the airport to my hotel in Minneapolis
  4. Keeping in touch with my wife while traveling
  5. Complimentary hot chocolate at the hotel
  6. A miniature Target within walking distance of my hotel
  7. My hotel, which is within walking distance of the University
  8. The wide selection of restaurants within walking distance of my hotel
  9. Since I went to college here, I am somewhat familiar with the area
  10. Dinner with my friend Dave B.
  11. Visiting the MacLaurinCSF center, where I used to live when it was the CSF House.
  12. Finding a WordPress theme with which I am content
  13. My friends Ruth and Dave D. hosted me and several other old friends
  14. Dave D. made made a great dinner
  15. Seeing my friend Katie for the first time in many years
  16. Seeing my friends Joel and Jozette again
  17. Joel and Jozette gave me a ride back to my hotel after dinner
  18. The kitchenette and microwave near the Minnesota NOvA Remote Control Room
  19. Dinner at Annie’s Parlour
  20. Three quiet shifts
  21. Reading the chapter from which I am scheduled to teach this week
  22. At MSP, nap pads are available in the Quite Seating Area in the Mall Mezzanine above the Concourse F entrance.20160124_164302
  23. Good ribs at TGIFriday’s at MSP
  24. Catching up on sleep after I returned home
  25. I think my first day teaching Physics 211 went very well.
  26. Returning to band rehearsal
  27. I found a charm that my wife lost from her keychain
  28. Short morning meeting
  29. The Distaff women’s group sharing their homemade food in the Faculty Lounge
  30. My skin has been doing better than usual
  31. Creating an favicon for my blog from a photograph I took of the moon:Moon
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