Gratitude (Jan. 27 – Feb. 2)

  1. The amazement and curiosity of the students at Corral Drive Elementary at our plasma globe and infinity mirror.
  2. All of the people who were involved in the elementary school event.
  3. The spectacular morning sky on the morning of Jan. 29.
  4. Starting to learn my student’s names
  5. Helping one of my students understand vector multiplication before blowing his mind with the idea of 4-dimensional vectors.
  6. Strengthening the habit of writing something down that I need to do as soon as I think of it.
  7. Learning several important things via calling in to a collaboration meeting this weekend
  8. Good discussion of the incarnation’s consequences for our self-worth on Sunday (Jan. 31)
  9. My mother and sister are still greatly enjoying the presents we bought for them at Christmas.
  10. Learning more about microagressions (Jan. 28)
  11. My wife’s birthday (Feb. 2)!
  12. Silent Time app on my phone to prevent me from interrupting my own class.
  13. Care given to our order at (of all places) Popeye’s Chicken (Jan. 31)
  14. My wife’s birthday; I’m grateful she was born (Feb. 2)!
  15. I have good reason to pay attention to the number of calories I consume because I may consumer more than I need rather than less.
  16. I have decided to attend ICHEP 2016, which is in Chicago this year.
  17. I have a better understanding of what I will need to do on my next shifts on NOvA.
  18. Students came to my office hours for the first time this semester (Feb. 1).
  19. Completed the first day of my first yoga class.
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