Gratitude (Feb. 3 – 9)

  1. Sitting in on my colleague’s class to be better prepared for substituting for him on Friday (Jan. 5).
  2. Being complimented by a colleague on my “rugged” commitment to biking in winter
  3. We have many rehearsals before our concert on a very challenging program in Symphonic Band.
  4. My wife and I verified that the lowest notes on a (soprano \mathrm{B}\flat) clarinet overlap with the highest notes I can play on a tuba.  Specifically, we simultaneously played D(146.83 Hz), which is the lowest note she can play on a clarinet and near the top of my range on the tuba. Given how many clarinets I could fit inside a tuba, I’m amazed these ranges overlap at all.
  5. Getting lots of shoveling done over the past few days.
  6. All the shoveling my wife has done over the past few days.
  7. All of the people who attended my wife’s birthday party (Feb. 6)
  8. Having a great card to give her before the party
  9. Good pizza and much other good food at the party
  10. At least two people said it was the best pizza they ever had
  11. All of the culinary contributions of the party guests
  12. How brave and well-behaved our youngest guest was at the party
  13. The party provided us motivation to clean and declutter the house more than we have in a long time.
  14. One of my students learned how to set up and operate our department’s telescope for the first time.
  15. I was finally able to receive Channel 33 on our antenna.
  16. Channel 33.2 is RetroTV, and I have been able to record Mystery Science Theater 3000 from it.
  17. The windy conditions lately have provided me with good tailwinds for some of my bike riding.
  18. Time to rest on Sunday after the party (Feb. 7)
  19. Fresh clean sheets on the bed after a shower
  20. Arranging some of our books on our downstairs built-in bookshelves.
  21. Good dinner with friends (Feb. 9)
  22. We are receiving help from the EE Dept. in my lab
  23. Useful meetings in the morning (Feb. 9)
  24. Help from a graduate student showing me equipment in another lab.
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  1. kit says:

    so… how many clarinets can you fit inside a tuba?

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