Gratitude (Feb. 24 – Mar. 1)

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, …
to him who by understanding made the heavens,
for his steadfast love endures forever” – Psalm 136:1,5

  1. Physics lunch club at a good Chinese restaurant (Feb. 24)
  2. Using my multicolored chalk consistently
  3. Wearing my two lighter coats is keeping me warm while my winter coats is being repaired.
  4. Discovering that our telescope problem is simply a blown fuse
  5. New fuse for the telescope
  6. Fascinating colloquium on the social aspects of solar power in Morocco (Feb. 25)
  7. Cookies at the colloquium
  8. Our new van is finally fully ready to drive
  9. New case for my cell phone
  10. Good conversation with friends this morning (Feb. 26)
  11. My interview on SDPB went well.  I received many compliments from friends (and friends of friends) or Facebook and in person.
  12. My coat’s pocket zipper was repaired by a tailor for much less than the cost of a new coat.
  13. My bike lock jammed, but thanks to advice on YouTube and improvising with valve oil, I was able to unjam it and free my bike.
  14. Prime rib and crab buffet at the Silverado in Deadwood with friends and colleagues
  15. Fun conversation on the ride to and from Deadwood
  16. Warm and sunny weather over the weekend
  17. Restful and relaxing Saturday (Feb. 27)
  18. Good discussion about shifting from the question of “What should I do?” to “Who am I, and who are you?” when praying
  19. My split-pea soup in the crock pot turned out well
  20. Catching up with friends via e-mail
  21. Helping students with a homework problem
  22. I am using a spare bike lock that my wife had.
  23. The new fuse for the telescope worked
  24. Help from an EE student in identifying the problem with our telescope cord
  25. An encouraging e-mail from a friend
  26. Informative and encouraging poverty awareness seminar
  27. Improving the next exam in my class
  28. Sorting out some confusion I had about on of the topics in class
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